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Our firm has, in one form or another, been a part of the Edmonton legal community for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on being one of the most sought-after family law firms in the city, offering the highest quality legal services to our clients. In addition to practicing law, our lawyers teach family law, write and publish papers on family law topics, offer skills training to other lawyers and work in the community to improve access to justice and improved family law practice.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative divorce is a process where you and your spouse work as part of a Collaborative Practice team to help you get through the legal and emotional transitions of separation and divorce through a series of meetings without going to court. The lawyers advocate for their clients, guide them towards reasonable resolutions and provide legal advice throughout the process, but you and your spouse are the decision makers.

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Litigation is the use of the court system to resolve disputes. Litigation is often commenced to compel another person to respond to a legal issue, to obtain urgently needed relief, or to preserve your rights. Sometime a settlement is not reached and a full trial of the issues is required.


Where a dispute arises, parties are always free to negotiate a settlement between themselves. They may do so directly, or with the assistance of lawyers who negotiate on your behalf or attend settlement meetings with the parties present. When an agreement is reach, lawyers must draft a written agreement for everyone to sign.

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are dispute resolution alternatives. Mediation involves the use of an impartial third party to assist the parties in dispute reach an agreement. An Arbitrator is also an impartial third party, but similar to a judge, an arbitrator will impose a decision if the parties cannot reach an agreement themselves.

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